The Jungle Book Terre Under the Sea Summer Camp is now open for Enrollment

The Jungle Book

What a wonderful weekend, those of you that came out to support the MVDC we thank you. And we hope you enjoyed this weekend as much as we did. For more images click the picture above,

Terre's Dance Team

Good Luck this weekend at NEXSTAR!!! Come out to support these girls March 22nd-23rd in Mason.

Under the Sea Summer Camp is now open for Enrollment

Be sure to check out the flyers at the front desk or click on a dancer for more information.


Good dance training can do great things for a student.

Dance creates good posture, strength, and flexibility.  It creates an ear for music and rhythm, and gives the student strong mental
and physical discipline.  At Terre’s Dance Workshop we strive to empower students through education and inspire them
through performance, while teaching the rich history of dance to the next generation.


Terre’s Dance Workshop offers dance classes and lessons for all ages and abilities.  Register online today!


Celebrating over 40 years of excellent dance training.