Cathy Roe Dance Competition Results

Cathy Roe Dance Competition Results
Cathy Roe Dance Competition Results

Terre’s Dance Workshop dancers had an outstanding weekend in the Cathy Roe Dance Competition in Medina, OH.
Congratulations to all our competitors. We won all three coveted Judges’ Choice Awards:   Allison and Amira for Reunite.  Taylor H., Olivia and Ashlyn for Down to the River.  Elise for The Rose.

Results for Terre's Dance Workshop at the Cathy Roe Dance Comeptition in Medina.

Cathy Roe Results
Rainbow Connection- Ultimate Elite, Second overall, first runner up in Entertainment Challenge
Speakeasy- Ultimate Elite, fourth overall, White Diamond Award
Mad Hatter- Superior, fourth overall, Entertainment Challenge Contender
Baseball- Superior, fourth overall

Overall Placements
Taylor H, Ashlyn, and Olivia- First overall, Ultimate Elite.
Allison and Amira- First overall, Ultimate Elite.
Ashlyn-Second overall, Ultimate Elite.
Elise- Third overall, Ultimate Elite
Elise and Mackenzie- Fourth overall, Ultimate Elite.
Mackenzie- Fifth overall, Ultimate Elite.
Taylor T. – Fifth overall, superior

Invitations to participate in these prestigious shows went to :
Heart and Soul-Elise.
Fashion Show- Taylor T., Olivia, Elise, and Mackenzie.
DTV- Zoe, Taylor H. and Elise

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