Nexstar Competition

Nexstar Competition
Nexstar Competition

Ladies this weekend at Nexstar was wonderful. Great job!! Keep up the hard work.

Sarah V.- High Gold, 2nd Overall and a Costume Award

EmmaKate- High Gold

Lily H.- High Gold

Faith- High Gold, 8th Overall

Emma- High Gold, 1st in Category, 6th Overall, Invitation to Power Pak

Lindsey- Platinum, 1st Overall and a Scholarship to Pak

Lily P. – Platinum on 2 solos and 1st   Overall,

Sarah- Platinum, 1st in category, 9th Overall

Taylor- Platinum, 7th Overall, inter into Cover Model Search

Kiara- Gold, 8th Overall

Olivia- Gold, 10th Overall

Taylor/Sarah Duet- Platinum, 4th Overall

Trio-High Gold, 4th Overall

Rise Above- Platinum 1st Golden Ticket

Places we Won’t Walk- High Gold, Picture Picture Award, 10th Overall

Cry Me a River- High Gold, 3rd Overall

The End- Platinum, 1st in Category, 2nd Overall. Choreography Award, Golden Ticket

Human- High Gold, 1st in Category, 6th Overall

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