Monthly Installment Plans

1 hour long class a week – $48 a month
45 minute class a week – $46 a month
1/2 hour class a week – $42 a month
1 1/4 hour class a week – $52 a month
2 classes a week – 5% discount
3-4 classes a week – 10% discount
5 classes a week – 15% discount

Unlimited classes per week – $195 per month (pre-paid discount does not apply) 

If full year tuition is paid by September 15th, a student will receive a 10% discount.
This is only refundable with a doctor’s excuse.
All boys in dance will receive their second class free.
Monthly payments are due on the 15th of each month.
Late payments received after the 15th are subject to a $10 late fee.
Daily attendance records are kept and missed classes must be made up during the month they are missed.
All returned checks are subject to a $20 processing fee.
If fees are late, all discounts will be eliminated.

Studio closings will be listed on the answer machine, Call 435-0503